At Paired Inc we feel strongly about pairs.

Firstly, we believe in pairing both marketing and design. We want to give you a product that you’re proud of and accomplishes your business goals. Our work isn’t just there to make you look good. We are also here to grow your business.

Secondly, we want to pair with you. To form a trusted relationship, to draw upon the deep understanding you have of your business, and to offer a fresh perspective. We’re in it for the long haul and value long-term relationships with our clients.

We are a team of passion, productivity, and profitability for your company. And we would love to pair with you.

Megan Stewart

Meet Megan


Megan Stewart has spent the past 10 years helping businesses grow and communicate their message to clients. She specializes in helping businesses stand apart from their competition. With hundreds of projects under her belt, Megan is no stranger to the market and will help you create a brand that fits you and your company. Megan and her team are experienced in the accounting and payroll industries. They use their knowledge across many industries to create memorable designs and grow businesses.

Megan graduated from Xavier University, but majored in creativity long ago. She lives in Carmel, IN with her two kids and husband. She enjoys painting, reading, and building a never-ending supply of Legos with her children.


Like all of their clients, Megan and her team has exceeded my expectations. They are thoughtful, responsible, reliable and innovative. They gave their finger on the pulse of my business and can articulate that message to my audience. I completely trust this aspect of my business to them. Pairing with Paired is the perfect pick!

Andy Liechty

Megan, love your speedy responses and excellent work... you are on top of it! It's a rarity these days 🙂

Dave Bunn

They are personable to work with and everything is designed around us and our brand, not theirs; nothing Paired does is "cookie-cutter". I would definitely use them again in the future and highly recommend them.

Jack Hollingsworth

"Megan comes through, time and time again - partnering intimately with my thoughts, to select a design process - that will illustrate my service. She has both loved and trusted the working relationship with me, in ways that truly exceed expectations. She is happy and invested in every new development of mine, always just a phone call away - in the "truest" sense of that phrase. Hope you'll experience Paired too!"

Nithila Peter